Social Media

Topic of the week #1

Which types of social media you currently participate in, which platforms you use, and why?

In the world of ever changing media new “social media” web sites are created almost daily. Blogging and social networking have seemed to be the most popular in our society right now. While some fads seem to come and go, (i.e. Myspace), social networking will always be around in some form.

I currently am involved in the twitter world. I cant seem to get enough of it. Having something to report to and know someone is listening is very intriguing. You also learn so much about people in these simple 140 character “tweets”. I can have people follow me from all around the world and even follow some of the biggest celebrities of our time. While twitter does seem to have the “big brother mentality” it is something that everyone can use and seems to have no trouble with.

Another media web page that I’m connected with is facebook. I enjoy facebook just for the fact of being able to keep up with friends and family. You can find almost anyone you have ever known while on twitter not so many people have it. Something that gets old on facebook is how it covers itself in pointless ads. I also take a lot of pictures and features on my computer make it very simple to upload these photos very fast and simple.

Social media has been created to help simplify our lives and be able to connect better with the people all around us. We have found a new way to market ourselves. These social media world have made a way for us to “sell ourselves” to people. Social media is becoming the new way to get a job and make friends. In the next few years what will social media become for us?


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