When to switch verb tense

Topic of the week #2

I visited Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl’s website and wrote about the, “Is It OK to Switch Verb Tenses?”. The following blog entry is what I learned from this podcast.

1. What did you learn?

This podcast helped show me how to use the correct form of verb tense. Something that is commonly misused I have never given much thought to. The way you say something can be changed in many different ways. I really thought about the way we communicated now which is usually online or in text messages. Grammar Girl makes it very clear and talks in such a soothing manner than it makes you enjoy what youare learning. She spoke on how people commonly use the wrong tense of verbs in conditional sentences. She gave helpful resources and links in case the reader didn’t understand something. She has dedicated her work to her fans and to better help them understand how to better their grammar.Most of what I heard I already knew but it was very refreshing to listen over it again.

2.What surprised you?

I was surprised on all of the verb tense rules that I did not know one being when you talk about unreal situations, you use verb forms with the helping verb “would,” “could,” or “might.” She talked about using the “if” clause if it refers to an unreal clause. You must understand the the time and place the verb is being placed.

3.What do you want to know more about?

I think Grammar Girl did a good enough job describing how to use these verb tenses correctly. She gave many examples and also pulled out other resources that could further help me. She did not leave me hanging or lost. Her blog/podcast has found a way to communicate with people and not leave them stumped. Her viewers expect a certain amount of information from her and you see nothing but positive feedback in her blog comments. They want to help her improve her blog also which I found very cool.


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