A Public

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Topic of the week #2
Comm 2322

A public is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a group of people having common interests or characteristics; specifically : the group at which a particular activity or enterprise aims”. Everyone is involved with a public even if you don’t think you are. You can be apart of a public anywhere you are including your school, work, church, and especially in your hobbies.

One public that I am currently involved in is Twitter. Twitter is a social media web-site that connects you with all kinds of people around the world. Twitter is a website that connects people who have common intrest, goals, and hobbies. On twitter you can chat with your “followers” in 140 character texts.Twitter is considered a public because it has limited people who choose to “tweet” and you choose the people you want to follow.

In high school I was apart of another public know as Student Government Association. SGA was a very limited public with officers from other school and a selected group of people who were aloud to enter the club. You must apply to the club and you can be accepted or rejected. It becomes a public because the the privacy of the group and only allowing certain members in.

Some other public’s that I’m currently involved in would be church, geocaching, college, and photography. While there are many more that I could list I just wanted to get across that a public is very social. The type of people surround me are also part of my public. My public is a huge influence in my life and is something that can change the way I view things. I think that there can be positive and negative public’s but you just need to be cautious about the public’s you surround yourself with.


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