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Comment #1
September 15, 2010

I found this article on Danielle Moceri’s blog. You can find the article here.

I saw this video about a week ago and loved it. I thought the idea of having cats run around IKEA was genius. A place that millions of people have gone yet we have had never seen an animal roam free. One thing that I did think about after watching this was, I wonder if people who came to the store the next day and had an allergy attack.
I am very interested in seeing the final product of the video they shot. I also think it would be very cool if they did a follow up the next day in store and see if they noticed anything different or even if they found any “surprises” one of the cats could have left behind.

Comment #2
October 12, 2010

I found this article on Kelly Wood’s blog. You can find the article here.

I think it was dumb that they decided to redesign their logo. The logo they originally had was okay but the new one was just so plain. I do not see where they put any creativity in the logo. In my opinion they knew it would spark up a little bit of controversy. While all company sales are down they knew this would be away to set them apart from the rest. I’m glad they didn’t keep the new logo but we will see where GAP goes next with their advertising.

Comment #3
October 12, 2010

I found this article on Elijah Gil’s blog. I found this article here.

The first time I saw this I died laughing. You know that these guys must be so bored at times so they do things like this. While these guys were not super coordinated they made it work. They tried to keep some of the original video moves in this version. I found it pretty creative that they made their own costumes, something I’m sure Lady Gaga would be proud of. I wonder who edited the video and if these guys got in any trouble because of it? I looked around to see if there were any other videos of them but there was just one of the guys singing. I hope they make more covers of songs.

Comment #4
October 28, 2010

I found this article on Jessica Nguyen’s blog.

I loved that you did a PR connection on this topic (not in a creepy way). Personally I love Glee. Every week it’s what I look forward to watching. When I first heard about these photos I thought: “how bad can they be” and then I saw them. In my opinion they are grow ups. It’s their decision if they want to do it. I know that it looks bad for their younger viewers but why would anyone under the age of 18 need to look at these pictures? So personally I cannot agree with them more. For them I think they are okay, as long as my nieces and nephews will not see the photos.

Comment #5
October 28, 2010

I found this article on Elaine Bluemling’s blog.

This was a great post Elaine! I found this to be very informative. I had no idea that they did two free bags or that they do not have assigned seats. I think this is very neat. They were obviously smart enough to know that their company should be different. Flying has become somewhat of a hassle but obviously they know how to help out their costumers. Personally I have only flown Southwest once or twice but I think I will start looking more into it.

Comment #6
October 28, 2010

I found this article on Hope Dodson’s blog.

Something this entry had me thinking was about how everyone says these reality shows were scripted. I also found it very interesting how all these young girls had such good connections with semi-celebrities. I think all these shows were created just for MTV to have some success but they knew people who could help spark their shows. It makes me really wonder how many of these “reality shows” are true reality.

Comment #7
October 28, 2010

I found this article on Rachel Laflam’s blog.

Rachel I loved this video! I had not seen it yet but have heard so much about it. I’ve seen the guy version where they dance to the song safety dance. I think this is such a creative different way to do things. They knew to keep the peoples attention was by dancing and playing fun music. I think people travel so much that they are just tired of the same ole instruction procedures. I mean most people have flown so they already know what to do in case of an emergency but for first time fliers I am sure they are very cautious. I mean I know if it was my first time flying I would want to know what to do in case of an emergency. Great post!

Comment #8
October 28, 2010

I found this on Danielle Moceri’s blog.

This video always makes me laugh. It is crazy to me how Sesame Street has been doing all these videos. Where have I been? Have they always done this? It’s very cleaver because kids laugh because they see the monster and parents love it because they know the real joke. They are very cleaver because they are making TV that parents enjoy, unlike The Wiggles or Yo Gabba Gabba that can get super annoying! Thanks for the good laugh Danielle!

Comment #9
October 29, 2010

I found this on PR Daily

This blog post is so true. I know I either follow or have seen each of these types of Twitter profiles. People can be ridiculous when using social media. But I must say it got me thinking.. “Do I do this?”. While twitter is wonderful for connecting you with people and new pages sometimes it can get out of control. I try to make sure I don’t over post on twitter and that I stay respectful. Knowing my mother has a twitter keeps me pretty safe sometimes also. I love getting phone calls from home asking me what that last tweet really meant.

Comment #10
November 1, 2010

I found this on PR Daily

What a perfect post for Halloween. Who doesn’t love the song Thriller and zombies? Seeing a flash mob really makes me want to do one. I’m pretty sure being in a flash mob is on my bucket list. I think this was a very cool way to bring the memory of Jackson back, as it will probably be done every Halloween from now until the end of the world. The idea of doing things like this is awesome and it’s great that the community is getting involved in every aspect possible. I wonder if flash mobs will become common in the city of Boulder of now on? I guess we will have to wait and see next Halloween.

Comment #11
November 8, 2010

I found this on PR Daily

This commercial is hilarious! I was wondering where it was going but then it picked up. I liked how they played off of the love they had for one another but when it came to his food it was a different story. Why does it always seem when you get food people always try to steal a few fries from you? I guess I need to do what this guy did and I will be able to keep all of my fries. If only McDonald’s food was this good for you. I also found it very cool to see how other countries advertise McDonald’s. I thought it was cool that they put the prices on the commercial.

Comment #12
November 2010

I found this on Devin Adams blog.

Great points were made in response to this article.  Over the past ten years, technology has increased so much so that it has also brought along with it pressure on the travel industry.  Although the business is great for the economy, it also, as stated above, poses questions about security.  Society, in order to be safe, is now forced to choose between health risks or safety.  Even just over the past couple months, safety has become an ever increasing issue; news stations have reported multiple stories regarding people with home made bombs planning to board flights.  If society continues to grow, and travel increases, the risks people may have to take just might have to be that of personal sacrifice for the safety of all.
Comment #13
November 2010
I found this on Jessica Nguyen blog.
This is a great video with a huge question behind it; Real or Fake?  I recently posted this video on my blog as well and after watching, I had the same questions.  This video was well filmed and the quality, for a phone, was amazing.  It was all done so well that even I, an iPhone4 owner, questioned the legitimacy of the proposal.  If the video was in fact a perfectly planned and executed proposal, my congratulations go out to the newly engaged couple and I think AT&T and Apple should foot the bill for all of their wedding expenses as a small token of their appreciation for the amazing advertisement.
Comment #14
November 2010

I found this on Ragan blog.

As I watched this video, one of my first questions was, “WHO is their target audience?”  I think that they intended for this video to be a YouTube sensation that could have possibly revolutionized the listening audience of public radio.  I believe that their intent was great, but the method in which they attempted was a fail.  Although the effort is evident, it, to me, reinforced the fact that public radio has such low ratings for this very reason, attempts at excellence, but a large miss when trying to reach the audience targeted.
Comment #15
November 2010
I found this on Ragen blog.
This article talked about the analysis of newspapers and how technology has changed the way people view them.  Not only were devices polled, but also the time of day and on what device the newspaper was viewed.  The three candidates were: smart phones, iPads and computers.  The results, to me, were shocking.  I thought the results would show that smart phones were the most widely used device for receiving news, but the results showed that computers were more widely used.  The article did not state whether the computers were desktops, which would indicate the candidates being at work, or laptops which could indicate the participants being elsewhere.
Comment #16
November 2010
I found this article on PR Daily.
This article covered a report about a Burger King Restaurant in California in which the word “F*** You” appeared printed twice on a customers receipt.  The customer was very upset and although offered free food coupons, still chooses not to eat at the restaurant.  As for the manager on duty and the employee (both names printed on the receipt), they have been fired.  I think that their terminations were justified.   There are very few jobs in the world in which profanity towards customers, the source of business, is accepted.  I commend the franchisee of this Burger King for doing the best for his business.
Comment #17
November 2010

I found this on Gracey Hulberts blog.

Very good and relevant post Grace! I know personally I was worried about if I got asked about “IT” that I would have no idea what “IT” really was. I think the post cleared a few things up for me. While I did know the basic information I think the school needs to continue to keep the students involved. While I doubt very seriously we will loose accreditation it is better for us to know as much as possible for when the people come to check out the school. Thanks for the great post!

Comment #18
November 2010

I found this on Sarah Bedrick blog.

This article talked about the rules and mannerisms of Twitter.  Since Twitter is somewhat of a new social media, some people may not understand how to navigate it properly and be respectful to the ones around them in the “Twitterverse”.  I, as a Twitter user, personally think this report is accurate  in the guidelines reported.  All of us at some time have broken the rules of ethics for Twitter, but this article could help the most social media awkward person navigate Twitter with ease.  I think everyone who plans on using Twitter should read this article.
Comment #19
Novemeber 2010
I found this on Gracey Hulberts blog.
I think this is a wonderful way to get out a name for you company. At first I thought that I would check it too much but now I’m on it pretty much daily. I love that Lakeland have just recently gotten on the train and joined Groupon. I know already here in Lakeland I’ve learned about so many new companies. I love that you’re aloud to pick up coupons from other cities also so if you’re out visiting a new place or if there is other locations near where you live you can use those also. Great post Grace!
Comment #20
November 2010
I found this on Kelly Woods blog.
It is insane to think how much stuff we wouldn’t know without the help of good ol’ twitter. While it is crazy to think that it’s a very “creeper” kind of website it comes in handy a majority of the time. I wonder what kind of site we come together next to replace twitter all together (It’s doomed to happen). I wonder when will will regard what needs to remain private and what should really go public. Thanks for the post Kelly!

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  1. Sarah Bedrick

    Is this a blog for your com4333 class? If yes, then good for you and I commend your professor for encouraging her students to create professional blogs like this.

    December 2, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    • Yes this was for the Comm 4333 class. Thank you so much for taking a look at it and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      December 2, 2010 at 1:41 pm

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