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Topic of the week #3 Comm 2322 Comm 4333

Blog comments make a blog survive. While I think sometimes you post on your blog for personal reasons but whats fun about blogging without interaction? Blogging without comments is like talking without someone listening.Comments make a blogger know they they are being checked up on and encourages them to keep going. Pop-culture websites need you to comment just so they can see your opinion on hats going on. Blog comments can also cause an uproar between other bloggers because of personal beliefs.

I think you should always give feedback to blogs. While some post can be super boring let the people know what you are expecting from them. Let people know when then have a great post and when they have a boring post. Comments also let you see your traffic on your page. People can see your popularity and let you gain more subscribers. This traffic can also boost up your place in Google so it becomes more recognized.

The reason some bloggers have such success is just because the name they have made for themselves. Perez Hilton is one of the most famous internet bloggers but the only reason is because of the number of hits his blog gets. Perez from what I usually can see has all old gossip. People love to see what he will say next even if it is the old news. Perez has a top hit web-sites because of all the traffic that goes through it.

I think its always good to encourage new bloggers with a few comments. I know it feels good when I see I have a new comment, it makes me want to continue what I’m doing and not give up. Also some blogs can have positive rewards and you can win prizes. Be an encouragement to someone and leave them a blog comment!


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