Understanding Media

Topic of the Week #1 Comm 2322

Understanding Media:Process and Principles

  1. What did you learn?
    I found this article to be very interesting. It taught me how dependent I am of the media and how dependent the media is on me. The course was designed to better teach us how to be better with our media messages. There are ways to understand the media messages using four process skills: access, analyze, evaluate and create. The way we access messages are through the mediums they are given to us (i.e. news paper, internet, tv shows and radio). You analyze by looking at the persuasion techniques and decipher if it is either practical, emotional, or associations. Finally you must evaluate the product, know the target audience, the product, and the message the product sends out. Once you have all of this figured out you are able to create a stance on said product.It is our responsibility being in PR knowing what we are trying to sell and who we are trying to get it to.
  2. What surprised you?
    I was really surprised on how much information you take in to learn about one topic. I know that I do it anyways but to see the steps written down it is such a long process. I always like to learn more about different subjects and that is what this reading did for me. While I knew this information it opened my eyes to things I have never thought about before.
  3. What do you want to know more about?
    I would have like to learn more about the evaluation process. I think the article gave very little details on it. I find it very intresting on how we can study a product so much and know the audience we are trying to gain from it. Once you learn the message from the product you are evaluating you know how to stand by that product.

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