Cleaning Your Copy

Topic of the week #4
Comm 4333

Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More

I found the NewsU course on cleaning your copy to be very helpful. The course was not just a boring read through of how to better your grammar and writing but it got me involved. There were four sections that were broken down into mini sections. The four head sections were: Grammar, style, punctuation, and spelling. The mini sections inside each gave common areas in which people usually do not strive. I know this course opened my eyes to a lot of common mistakes I make everyday.

By making this course so interactive it made it seem like I really learned from my mistakes. Some of the questions would automatically tell you if you were wrong and made you correct your answer but others didn’t tell me where I was incorrect at all. Some of the questions I eventually gave up on and never put an answer down. Something I think they could have done was make it to where you cannot continue until everything is correctly answered and complete. While I did pick up a lot the places it didn’t check the answers was where it was needed the most.

The quiz at the beginning and end was also something that really challenged me. When I did my first quiz I thought I did way better than I ended up doing. The test at the end I got to reevaluate myself and see how my skill level did improve. If I were to do this course every few months as a refresher I would benefit greatly from it. Something that is good about the course is that anyone can log in at anytime and take it as many times as they would like.


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