To steal or not to steal.. That is the question…

Topic of the Week #5
Comm 4333

Everyone has dealt with plagiarism in some way. Either someone has copied your work, or you have copied someone else and did not properly cite their work. While new technologies have made it easier to detect plagiarized work some can still slip through. There is always some steps that you can take to be extra cautious that no one is stealing your work and you are not stealing anyone’s work.

Here are some helpful tips to use to avoid plagiarism:

  • Submitting an essay that exceeds any of your prior work will look suspicious.
  • Know how to correctly paraphrase and cite work you are using.
  • Learn what plagiarism actually is. Commonly you do it and its wrong.
  • Get help from tutors who can show you what is acceptable.
  • Give personal stories and experiences.
  • Research your topics and never get all your work from online sources. is a good website to help you improve your skills. Sometimes little things that you wouldn’t think matter get caught in their plagiarism detectors. But the down fall to turn it in is that it usually picks up everyday used words like; and, but, the, etc.

Always be original make your work all about you. Include personal experiences and stories. When your work becomes about you then there is no doubt that you are taking it from anyone else. No one can take your stories and experiences. Also you must always remember to over cite your work. Even if its three words someone said, cite it. You want to make sure you cant get in trouble for taking it. While it’s not as big of a deal when its papers in school when it comes to your job you can get in a lot of trouble. If you do not follow proper plagiarism citation you could be at risk of loosing your job.

Always remember be overcautious so it never looks like your stealing someones work.


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