Too much love?

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The reality stars of the show “Sister Wives” are in trouble for having a stable family. While I do not agree with what they are doing they are raising their children in a home with loving parents. In today’s society it is hard to find couples still married. Most of the time people don’t even get married and make their homes very unstable for their children. I do think it’s wrong for them to have multiple marriages the husband, Kody Brown, has said that he is only married to one of the four women.

  • Do you think it’s wrong what this family is doing?
  • Do you think that the family should be under investigation?
  • Do you think these children have a good concept of love?



2 responses

  1. At first glance, I completely disagree with the show and what they’re doing in it. If you’re doing something illegal, you don’t create a reality show to display your illegal acts all over the TV. But you make a good point. Those 13 children have loving parents who seem to care about them, which is more than a lot of kids in America get.

    You brought up something else interesting at the end that Kody says he’s really only married to one of the women. That would make his lifestyle legal, but is it ethical? And what kind of example is he setting for his children? When you get tired of one woman, or if you fall in love with someone else after you’re married, just make her a part of your family, too?

    Also, think about the wives (or concubines, whatever they are). How do they feel about having to share their husband with several other women? Is it desperation that drives them to willingly join into something like this? This is 21st century America and all the women had a choice, so why would they choose a life like that? I would love to interview one of them.

    All in all, very interesting post….now I’m thinking of writing about this, too.

    October 13, 2010 at 10:03 am

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