An Era in PR

Topic of the week #4
Comm 2322

I found this image here.

If I would have to choose an era which to work in PR I would choose the ’50s-’60s. In my opinion there were some amazing starts and amazing events that went on at this time. The ’50s were such a changing time with how peoples lives changed. It was soon after World War II and just in the begining stages of the Cold War. We had so much happening at these times that I dont think we had enough coverage that is possible today.People lived with so many questions and in fear because of lack of media coverage.

I do not think there was enough information released to the people at this time either. Today we get so much news and media coverage because of all the sources we have. I wonder if we had the technology then what would it have been like? And how would it affect us today?

I think I would work more along the sides of the music and film starts. The way they lived their lives amazes me. I would have loved to see the glamorous they lived and how they still kept things so private.

Another reason I would enjoy this era would be because they was such limited technology. No cell phones, computers or even small portable recording cameras. They had a since of normality and not constant gossip being formed about people. Life would have been so simple and you wouldn’t have to constantly portray a good light of your client.

I also think seeing the change through-out the coming years from to ’50s to the ’80s would be crazy. To see the change in culture and technology. I think so much knowledge could have been gained simply because of hands on experiences.


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