PR Firms vs. Departments

Topic of the week #5
Comm 2322

Before reading this chapter I couldn’t tell you the difference between a PR firm and a PR department. You must know which is better for you before you can decide where you should work first. In a PR department usually has one of three titles: manager, director, or vice president. A department is also divided into specialized sections that have a manager. The department deals with legal, human resources, advertising and marketing.The majority of college students who graduate from college will start out in a PR department.

PR firms are found in every industrialized nation and most of the developing world. Each firm gives counsel and performs tactical services required to carry out an agreed-on program. Firms deal with consumer brands, financial services, corporate communications and health-care. A lot of these jobs are upper level that require years of experience or either a really good connection. While a lot of people start in PR departments a lot of them see themselves working for PR firms as a long term goal. But PR firms have their downfalls.

Here are some cons to working for a PR firm:

  • Superficial grasp of a client’s unique problems.
  • Lack of full-time commitment.
  • Need for prolonged briefing period.
  • Resentment by internal staff.
  • Need for strong direction by top management.
  • Need for full information and confidence.
  • Cost

(All of this was found on page 122)

I think in the end it depends on what kind of organization you want to work with. While you can get a job in a firm maybe its not what you want to do. A department and firm both offer two different types of working environments. You must research any company you wish to work in but make sure you never settle for a job. Make sure whatever your doing it makes you happy.

The found the notes from this book.


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