Reading Notes Ch.5 Comm 2322


Effective public relations is a process, and the essential first step in the process is research.

Many questions should be asked before formulating a research design:

  • What is the problem?
  • What kind of information is needed?
  • How will the research be used?
  • How soon will the results be needed?
  • How much will the research cost?

Qualitative research includes five different sections:

  1. Content analysis
  2. Interviews
  3. Focus groups
  4. Copy testing
  5. Ethnographic techniques

The word omnibus means means something that serves several purposes. In survey research, it means that an organization “buys” one or two questions in a national survey conducted by a national polling firm such as Gallup or Harris.

As in all research methods, there are advantages and disadvantages of using Web and e-mail surveys. Three major advantages are (1) large samples are generated in a short amount of time, (2) they are more economical than even mail questionnaires or phone interviews, (3) and data can be analyzed continually. The three major disadvantages are (1) respondents are usually self-selected, (2) there is no control over the size of the sample or selection of respondents, and (3) probability sampling is not achievable.

The found the notes from this book.


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