Reading Notes Ch.6 Comm 2322

Program Planning

The second step of the public relations process, following research, is program planning. In the RACE acronym mentioned in Chapter 1, this step was labeled “Action” because the organization starts making plans to do something about an issue or situation.

A strategic planning model:

  • Category facts.
  • Product/service issues.
  • Competitive facts.
  • Customer facts.


  • Business objectives.
  • Role of public relations.
  • Sources of new business.


  • Target audience.
  • Current mind-set.
  • Desired mind-set.

Key Message

  • Main point.


  • Strategy 1: Build brand success and awareness
  • Strategy 2: Include core consumers in the 10th anniversary activities
  • Strategy 3: Announce new licensing partnerships
  • Strategy 4: Convert awareness, fan involvement to media coverage


  • Objective 1: Communicate the popularity and staying power of Pokemon by securing 500 stories in media outlets
  • Objective 2: Engage core customers in celebration of the brand and drive them to the website
  • Objective 3: Reinforce the brand’s leadership position among licensees through trade and media coverage

The found the notes from this book.


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