Tweet’n for a week

Topic of week #6 & #7
Comm 2322 & Comm4333

I found this image here.

I found the one week of Twitter to be very simple. I have used twitter for around 2 years. When I first heard about this assignment I got very excited because I love to tweet, so I knew it wouldn’t be hard for me. I think its always good when you get an assignment and it’s something you enjoy doing. And I must say I had to of tweeted way more than what was required because I at least double my normal tweet rate in the last month.

I noticed with some of the new people to Twitter, as in students, didn’t tweet fun things. Maybe it’s just what I saw or they weren’t use to it but I think you should always have fun. I know personally I like to use funny hashtags and make “smart” comments. I tend to always stir up a little drama in my tweets.

While I knew most of the basics of twitter I didn’t follow any professionals they were just friends.Some of the new people I began to follow for this assignment were surprisingly funny and very helpful. They gave great tips and links in their tweets.

I found this link for new tweeters to help with what they should talk about. Here are five of my personal favorites:

  • Make a joke.
  • Create a tweet when you upload a new blog post.
  • Announce something new in your world.
  • Ask for prayer.
  • Link to favorite songs/videos that you currently like.

I think the five tweet starters that I just wrote about helped me out when starting Twitter. You must always have fun. Don’t be afraid to follow new people and make connections. Connections you make on Twitter today can change your tomorrow.


2 responses

  1. I’ve never been a fan of the idea of twitter – even the verb “following” just implies so much ego to me, so I didn’t anticipate tweet week being any fun. But fun – that’s sort of the key word in Twitter. The things that drive me crazy about facebook – the silly nonsense details no one wants to know about, yes, you’re very tired, and school is imminent and you’re procrastinating on FB instead of doing work – what else is new? I didn’t see much of that in twitter. I was amused, I found new things, I watched new videos, and mostly didn’t hear about what anyone ate for dinner.

    October 15, 2010 at 11:56 pm

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