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This semester has really changed my perspective on blogging. I always thought I wouldn’t be to much into blogging but after the first few weeks I knew I was addicted. I’m now excited to have my own personal blog to talk about my personal life experiences. This class has now opened my eyes to how interesting other bloggers lives are. In this class COMM 2322 I have come to rely on one friends blog. Kelly Wood is always up to date on her blog and I know if I am behind I can go look and see what I need to work on.

Kelly always knows how to keep her blog fun and interesting. I like her different post about things going on around campus. Her post “PR OpenMic” shed light on more information about the Open Mic’s our school hosts.

I also enjoy how informational her post are in everyday thing I use. Her post called “What the Tweet” made me thankful she posted it because I had no idea that this virus was on Twitter.

Finally the photo she chooses to use for her blog comments I enjoy. She always finds an interesting photo to represent the number.


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  1. I totally agree Sam. This is definitely a different class but I like that though. I really was not into blogging until we were forced to do it. Although the work might be a little bit excessive its a really cool idea, having us start up our blogs and what not. I think I will keep up with this blog after the class is done. I might not be posting strictly public relations stuff but it was a great start. I think it is really exciting tracking your stats and seeing who is coming to check your blog. I am sure Professor Nixon loves the fact that she motivated us to blog more.

    October 27, 2010 at 12:49 pm

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