PR OpenMic

Topic of the Week #9
Comm 4333

When I started looking around the PR OpenMic website I was in awe. The site had so much to look at. You get to meet and network with so many PR people. The first way describe to someone what PR OpenMic is it’s like a Facebook for all of the awesome people in the PR world. Once you sign up for an account you can connect with the people you know or search the website for interesting articles. The page features blogs, videos, events, internships and a wide variety of other things.

The first thing that caught my eye was the link to the jobs and internships tab. Within the tab you are given a list of jobs and internships all over the United States. It also gives you other useful links to websites that will help if you are in search of a job or internship.

The next tab I went onto was for blogs. I find this to be very useful because I can use it when searching for PR blogs and I can even use these blogs to comment on for this class. Out of the few blogs I read over they all seem to be very clean and respectful.

The final section I’m going to talk about is the members section. You can find students, teachers and practitioners. Clicking on this I found a lot of the people I am currently in classes with here at SEU. I think it is so neat that us PR people can have this little world where we can all connect together.

While the website is still very small you can still do so much on it. Something else I find very cool is that a PR Professor created it. There are only a little over 6,000 members but it seems to be growing very fast. Everything stays so up to date because it was created that way.


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