Online Media Law

  1. What did you learn?
    This course points out the 3 most important areas of media law thast relate to gathering information and publishing online. They are defamation, privacy and copywirght. You learn about these in this course by selecting the 3 different buttons. At the end of each of the three sections their is an activty you are required to do called “You be the judge”. It evaluates the what you learned in the reading of the course and how you can apply them to a court case. At the end of all 3 sections there is a 20-question assesment you take to evaluate what you have learned in the overall course.
  2. What surprised you?
    I thought there would be a lot more of interaction with this course. While it was interesting and I did learn  a lot it just didn’t teach it to me in an interesting way. It had so much reading that the information just merged together. The activities were the most fun just because they were the most challenging and they were fun.
  3. What do you want to know more about?
    I would have liked to learn more about the 3 sections. I don’t think the information was good enough for each of the sections. The section that was entitled Copyright Infringement. I think the section had so much more information we could have drawn from but we didn’t get any. Also I didn’t find the course work sections to be that challenging. While it was a very good course I don’t think I will recommend it to to many people to take it again.

I found this course here.

Topic of the Week #8
Comm 2322


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