Topic of the Week #10
Comm 4333

Blogging has seemed to change my world. When I started blogging I thought I was going to hate it. It turned out to be the complete opposite. I love blogging. While some of these post have not be some of my favorites I have survived. I remember the first time I checked my site stats and saw that I had people looking at my page, I was so excited. My friends in the class who only had 5-10 views I had in the ball park of 20-28. I couldn’t believe it. I think it made me want to blog more.

The site stats page is very important for every blog. The page will tell you different things from how many views your page has had, what posts were most popular, and even the number of posts and categories your page has. I love getting comments also. I feel like I have a lot of post that are easy to comment on and discuss so people seem to comment a lot. I think its cool to see others views and opinions on something I post. It is very important for companies to see how their blogs get activity. Site stats are perfect for this. This could show a business when to post certain things or even what is more important to continue to blog about by looking at what is most important. You always need to know what the customer wants and make it easy for them to get.

I think with establishing the little I have already started I would love to continue to blog after this class. I will blog about what I love to do and things I like. I’m so thankful for having this class to begin my blogging experience and actually making it fun.


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  1. This is awesome to see. I definitely can say when I first started blogging that I was almost positive that I would not like it, and feel uncomfortable. But as I wrote and people started responded it opened up new types of relationship that I actually have learned so much from. It is very interesting to see you went through the same thing! I love your point about enjoying other peoples feedback. I am the same way, I want new ideas and opinions so I can learn to shape better ones, with a stronger influence on my readers. You did well comparing to a company, could not have said it better, great job man!

    November 18, 2010 at 8:54 pm

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