Effective New Releases

Topic of the Week #13
Comm 2322

Writing news releases are always very important. You want to make sure all the information you provide is factual and relevant. Your work also always needs to be on time. A news release is to get information out about your company. You can send these to company by email, snail mail, or even fax. You need to make sure your format for your news release is always correct. You need to put an embargo date so the company knows when your information should be released.

Here are 10 tips to make sure your news releases are in tip top shape:

  1. Your story must be newsworthy.
  2. Your audience needs to know why it’s important for them and why they need to read it.
  3. Start with a brief description, then go on into more details.
  4. Ask yourself the question of, “How will this help people?”
  5. The first 10 words in your news release are the most important.
  6. Avoid excessive adjectives and fancy terms.
  7. Talk about the facts.
  8. Provide all of the contact info you can, you can never have to much.
  9. Make sure you wait until there is enough substance for a story.
  10. Make it easy for media representatives to do their jobs.

Also remember to write the news release in third person. Give as much information as possible. Make sure you stay super detailed. I remember writing my first news release I thought it was going to be super boring but I found it to be a lot of fun. I’m still trying to find a lot of ways to improve my skills for writing news releases. If you have any information on how to better my skills for writing news releases I would greatly appreciate them!

I found my information for these articles on Publicity Insider and Press Release Writing.


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