Topic of the Week #11
Comm 4333

Infographics are a fun way to display a graphic. While simple charts and graphs can be very boring, infographics spice things up a bit. They simply display information in more of a visually pleasant way. The infographic above I did not create but I thought it was very neat.

Anyone can use these graphs with their companies. The information in endless and you can be as creative as you want. Companies have seen that it makes their products more marketable. I think the future of infographics will be even more insane. An article I read said that they have some already developed to play for flash players. How cool is that?

The reason it becomes useful to a client is by making the product a lot more fun. Whenever you are flipping through something or if your sitting in watching a power point a infographic will be so much more appealing than a plain graph or chart would ever be. While they can take a lot of time to create they are worth the time.

You can create an infographic by using different computer programs. One I would start with would be Photoshop. It’s very simple for me to use but I could also spend hours trying to create something that would only be seen a few times. Creating an infographic is a job within itself. Personally that would be a job I would pass on. I know the little time I do use Photoshop it stresses me out. I would not want to spend my entire day to try and create them for other companies.

Every company should try to incorporate infographics into their buisness. It is a fun way to share information in a new and different way.


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