PR vs. Journalism

Topic of the Week #13
Comm 4333

There has always been bitterness towards PR Professionals and Journalists. One reason is because they work in the same field but their jobs are so different. They argue between one another because their jobs have so many different requirements, technically. Without one another I don’t think their jobs would work. The follwing are some reasons why the two do not like one another:

Reasons why Journalists dislike PR Professionals:

  • PR people usually have useless information they don’t know how to determine the difference between good information and horrible information.
  • PR people tend to use fancy words. They think that the words the use are common but usually the tend to confuse readers.
  • They think PR people don’t know what is truly newsworthy. They will publish stories that are irrelevant and have nothing important to say.
  • PR people do not know how to be timely. The will turn in articles late and sometimes not show up to meetings due to having such busy schedules.
  • PR people do not give good background information on different subjects. They will post the hot story but will not show what happened in the past to get them to that point.
  • PR people are bad with taking calls or even calling back. Due to a demanding schedule they either forget to call back or have so many different phones they are hard to reach.

Reasons why PR Professionals dislike Journalists:

  • Journalists tend not to be prepared. They don’t have enough information on their interviews so they sometimes come unprepared.
  • Journalists don’t know when to stop. Journalists don’t have any line. They are out to get a story and that is all that matters to them.
  • Journalists do not confirm an exclusive. Because of busy schedules they will not tell you when they are going to use a story.
  • Journalists tend to have biased views. They will take one side of a story and only portray the good of it.
  • Journalists can be very sneaky.  They will try and make whatever they do seem good but it is always about what will get them to the next level.

One response

  1. This comment you made couldn’t be anymore true:

    “•PR people usually have useless information they don’t know how to determine the difference between good information and horrible information.”

    I was trying to find the right words to describe that in my post about it, but you absolutely nailed it. Good job.

    November 19, 2010 at 8:52 pm

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