Reading Notes Ch.11 COMM 4333

Getting Along with Journalists

This chapter dealt with how PR professionals deal with journalists. I found a lot of great key points in this chapter and from what we talked about in class. Here are a few things that I picked up from the chapter:

Areas of Friction

  1. Hype and News Release Spam
  2. Name Calling
  3. Sloppy/Biased Reporting
  4. Tabloid Journalism
  5. Advertising Influence

A Media Relations Checklist

  • Know your media
  • Limit your mailing
  • Localize
  • Send newsworthy information
  • Practice good writing
  • Be available
  • Get back to reporters
  • Answer questions
  • Protect exclusives
  • Praise good work

All of my notes came from the, “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques”, you can find this book at Amazon.


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