Reading Notes Ch.12 COMM 4333

Tapping the Web and New Media

New Media is characterized by:

  1. Widespread broadband
  2. Cheap and or free
  3. New distribution channels
  4. Mobility is key
  5. New advertising techniques

Writing for the Web

  • Design the site with the audience in mind.
  • Update the site constantly.
  • Use feedback to evolve the site.
  • Write the way you talk.
  • Limit each page to a specific topic.
  • Talk “with” rather than “at” the reader.
  • “You have 10 to 12 seconds to ‘hook’ an Internet surfer onto your website, or else they’ll click onto something else.”

All of my notes came from the, “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques”, you can find this book at Amazon.


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