Reading Notes Ch.9 COMM 4333

Writing for Radio and Television

Chapter 9 talked all about writing for radio and television programs. According to public relation practitioners “radio is the medium the demographics of age, gender, economic standing, and ideology”.

Here are some key points that I took from this chapter:

  1. Radio news announcements are often done in increments of 30 or 60 seconds.
  2. A public service announcement or PSA is an unpaid advertisement that promotes programs of government or non profit agencies or that serve the public interest.
  3. A radio media tour is usually a spokesperson conducting a series of one on one interviews with different radio stations from around the country from one central location.
  4. A video news release has four components: a 90 second news report, a B roll, clear identification of the video source, and a script and contact information.

Radio news releases must be formatted for the medium so they must be easily read by the announcer. Radio announcement usually take 30 or 60 seconds to read. Set your word processor for 60 spaces per line and each line should be:

  • 2 line should be 10 seconds and about 25 words
  • 5 lines should be 20 seconds and about 50 words
  • 8 lines should be 30 seconds and about 75 words
  • 16 lines should be 60 seconds and about 150 words

Television is a great medium of communication; you can reach a wide variety of people though this medium. New releases that use television as a way to communicate must contain:

  • Sound that’s appealing to the message
  • Visual elements like charts and graphs, slides, or videotape
  • Clear message that flows with sound and visual aids

All of my notes came from the, “Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques”, you can find this book at Amazon.


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