Social Media New Releases

  • What is a Social Media News Release?

A SMNR is in the same format as a press release/news release but designed for the online world. While you write your story for the press in press format but is made for the general public. You make it available for people in multiple ways like twitter, blogs and other forms of social media. News releases are very easy to find. Just by search in Google hundreds popped up. It is very cool to see how other companies send SMNR out to get their organization known. On the other side of this an advantage of using SMNR is that everyone that is online can see your news release.

  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of a SMNR?

The are many pros and cons to a SMNR. If you are new to writing them they can be very tricky. You also need to make sure that you can get the information out to as man different sources as possible. A major disadvantage of using social media is that your only letting people who

  • When should a PR practitioner consider using a SMNR?

    You must understand what you are writing about. You must be able to talk about your subject often and get its name around. Your grammar and spelling should also be great so everything you write doesn’t come off sloppy or bad. You use this when your information really needs to be released to the public. By sending these release to newspaper companies and other websites your getting you name out about your business/organization.

  • Here is a Social Media News Release that called Wize created:
  • Two great website to help build a SMNR are:
  1. PRX Builder
  2. Copy Blogger
  • The blog, writing matters had 7 tips on how to write a great social media news release. I pulled together the top 5 of what I found to be the most important, they were:
  1. Link, link, link. Optimize links for search engine visibility. If your SMNR is being distributed by a news service, make sure to link back to a landing page or newsroom at your website. Include links to related information at other pages on your website.
  2. Post content on multiple channels. As many places that you can post information on your company the better. Any company photos or video should be uploaded to Flikr or YouTube. Also any information should be posted on Blogs, Twitter or Tumblr.
  3. Write you SMNR for online readers. They scan rather than read word for word. Write short, use bullets, and write message headings. Whenever you turn information into more of a “blog” then it becomes for people.
  4. Use keywords to maximize search engine ranking.Remember to repeat keywords in headlines, subheads, and in the text of the social media release so this will make your topic easier to find.
  5. Use visuals. You must always include your logo and headshot of your companies CEO. Videos are also a very new and nice touch. Videos help people understand your product in a simple way.

For an easier way to understand what and how SMNR check out this helpful YouTube video.


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