Chasing Your Dreams: A Feature on Hannah Truscott

Photo Credit: Hannah Truscott

Have you ever thought that you were to young to start a dream you had growing up? For some people their dream can include riding a rollercoaster that they were once scared of going on. Your dream could have been to start your very own company. Hannah Truscott decided to not let fear stop her. Truscott is a 21-year old, Australia native. She created and developed her very own non-profit magazine. LIOL, which stands for Love In Other Languages is a magazine that incorporates other non-profits around the world and how everyone can make a difference.

Truscott truly believes she can change the community around her one step at a time. She encourages people around her and the readers of her magazine to become more aware of what’s going on around them and that there is something that can be done about it.  While LIOL is in its developmental stage it has already made a big impact. LIOL has also had the chance to interview with many big named bands and artist due to Truscott’s job working with Easterfest. Easterfest is a yearly event that tours around Australia and by getting in with the event coordinators she gets personal interviews with the bands. Every interview is recorded and posted on LIOL’s YouTube channel.

Truscott also firmly believes you should chase after every dream and never let any obstacle stand in your way. She has always heard that she was to young to start her own magazine and she was always told that she needed more education but that also never held her back. After high school, Truscott moved to New Zealand and worked as an intern for a record company who also has a big festival each year called Parachute Music. A few years later she returned to Australia and ran promotions for Easterfest. Soon after Easterfest she moved to Nashville, Tennessee. In Nashville she worked for many different companies dealing with promoting events and marketing. Returning to Australia once again she was offered a scholarship to study Marketing & Events management at APM school in Brisbane. Truscott firmly believes that you don’t always have to pursue an education but you always need connections. She said just with interning she made tons of connections.

While the magazine is still in developmental stage she is doing everything to build up her business. She is currently working two jobs and works on the magazine whenever she can. She also has begun doing photography on the side. Mostly for fun but also for the money, it’s a job she can enjoy.  She says no week looks the same with an ever-shifting schedule. She says she would get bored if she had the same routine day in and day out. She is still learning many new techniques that will benefit her in the long run also. She wants to learn how to learn more about printing and she has people around her that she trust to advice her in how to be better in every work aspect. She also loves making trips to the US to connect with others and see how she can benefit her future business.

Concluding, Truscott has three pieces of advice she would give everyone: 1) Be willing to take from ANYONE! And don’t take as criticism. 2) Always be open to new ways of doing things. 3) Try networking in a way that isn’t forceful. Be passionate about your organization and people will want to know everything about your company. Interviewing Hannah I can see her passion coming out in her work. I can clearly tell how much she loves her life and how much she loves doing what she is doing.


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