How Does Technology Help NOP’s?

While technology seems to change every other month with different social media website to what the hottest craze is on the internet, it is amazing to see how social media and technology can influence a NPO. With social media websites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and even local radio stations have allowed people to connect with, communicate, and support NPO’s. Technology has opened a whole new dynamic when it comes to getting NPO’s out there and in to people’s homes.

One example of a social media application that has really put NPO’s out there is Foursquare. This is a simple geotagging application that can be accessed from any smart phone or Internet browser. The purpose of this application when it comes to NPO’s is to alert your followers that you are at a home location or participating in an outreach activity associated with a that NPO. The person who frequents a location the most using Foursquare becomes the ‘Mayor’ of that location. This encourages others to explore and compete for the title of ‘Mayor’.  Many NPO’s have utilized the utilities that Foursquare has to offer like their ‘tips’ and ‘shout out’ feature, which allows the NPO to supply information about them that will pop up when a person checks in to that particular location. NPO’s also use the propaganda of checking in a certain amount of times to receive complimentary items associated with their organization.

A NPO that has benefitted from the advertisement of social and radio broadcast is Sophia’s Heart Foundation based out of Nashville, TN. Danny Gokey started this NPO in honor of his late wife, Sophia, to continue her legacy. SHF focuses on rehabilitating families into the community.  Part of their facility is specifically dedicated to transitional homing for families. This is a unique NPO because many do not cater to the needs of families and SHF does. “Sophia’s Heart has so many loving people who care about the well-being of others. I have made so many precious connections here and I am so thankful for their care” said Nic Piner. He has been a resident of SHF transitional homing after becoming unemployed and searching for a job in Nashville. Because of Twitter and Facebook, SHF has had the opportunity to compete in local contest to win cash prizes for their organization. These social media outlets allowed for followers to vote and help SHF towards the goal of winning. Nic Piner helped SHF by pushing his followers on Twitter to vote for them. After being re-tweeted and shared through other outlets including the radio they were able to make it in to the top 5 NPO’s of this contest.

Also a vital key to the publicity of a NPO is a website. If NPOs can create a site that allows people to learn about their vision, find ways to get involved, and how they can donate to the cause will greatly profit their organization. It is a key aspect that many NPOs are starting to take advantage of. Technology today is the best and quickest way for people to spread the word about their cause verses the methods of years past.  Our generation is able to aid the efforts of NPOs because they have connected to what the youth of today relate with the most. They are able to spread the word through the help of others!

It is interesting to see how something that is as simple of social media and websites can change the way a business interacts with the people who support them. It has allowed companies and organizations to expand their horizon of communication.


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