5 Internet Marketing Tips for any NPO

1. Create a simple yet informative Web site. Of course, you need a Web site to be known online but you do not need to make it so fancy just to attract site visitors. It is best to make it navigation-friendly so people would stay and feel free to check on the site details. Give enough information about the organization like its history, mission, vision, objectives, events, and some future plans. Make sure that your links are working, and that your contact details are correct.

2. Use social media networks in promoting your site. Create an account and interact with other users around the world. Social media site users are mostly real people who may be moved by your goals and possibly donate some amount at some time, or offer free service that would be of great use for the organization. You may draw a huge number of visitors to your site through this. Plus, there are specific social media networks or groups within larger networks that cater to nonprofit organizations.

3. Post organizational blogs. You can do this within your Web site or through another domain. It is just important to have one as blogs are the best ways to gather comments from your site visitors. It does not need to be complicated. Even just a 150-word blog post will do. This initiates interaction with your site visitors. A video blog would also be effective if you have a series of video documentations that can be uploaded online.

4. Join forums that cater to the nature of your organization. This also leads traffic to your site. It boosts your online presence and credibility as people recognize you. Remember that you are dealing with a virtual community where you do not physically meet people. It is important to gain their trust as much as possible.

5. Stick to your advocacy and be partners with other NPOs related to you. This strengthens the name of your organization on the Web, making you more credible.

These are just simple steps to market your NPO online and there are surely a lot more out there. However, these special tips would really help your organization to be recognized; and attract more sponsors and volunteers from around the world. This will help in the self-preservation of the organization and in the fulfillment of its goals.


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