Camp Springville-Helping Kids

There are many camps in this world but none compare to camp Springville, well in my opinion. Some see it as just another camp but camp Springville does so much for the hundreds of kids that come to visit. It’s a place for children ages 6-12 to get away from their homes and have fun and grow in a relationship with God.

The camp is only three days long to be able to turn over the large number that come through the camp all three weeks it is open. The first batch of kids arrive on a Sunday afternoon at 1PM. After going into lice check and housing, kids go to their cabin or lodge and begin to unpack and make their beds. Soon after they can choose to go swimming or hang out in the recreation hall that has arcade games, ping pong tables, pool tables and foosball. 4PM we begin orientation where all the campers and counselors attend, which could be from 300-600 people depending on the week. Dinner and the first service are held after orientation.

The service is a Pentecostal type service but the camp is open for whomever to come. Each night the camp holds a 2-hour service for the kids that is very fun and upbeat. The kids play games, sing songs and have a serious time of worship. A lot of children that come to camp Springville have never even heard about Jesus. While some children that attend come from nice homes, so children are not as fortunate. One of the camp staffers, Hannah Salsman, talked with a young boy named Mario. When she asked what his favorite thing about camp had been Mario responded with saying, “having my own bed, at home I don’t have one”. Salsman said that it was so hard to hear that but it helped remind her why she volunteers at the camp and loves being apart of the children’s lives.

After the first of arriving to camp the kids get to pick out activities that they want to do, from swimming in the pool, going to the lake, doing arts and crafts, and more. The lake has many different activities like a 60-foot slide, a zip line into the lake, the blob, an iceberg that you can climb and boats. The kids have a one-hour shift in the mornings and a three-hour shift in the afternoon to choose what activity that want to do.

Mike Sharp, the camp director and coordinator says that he loves to see the children play and have fun but the services and gaining a relationship with God is what is most important. He picks out the best of the best when it comes to the guest speakers. Lindy McDaniel, a camp staff member says she loves to see the children interact with the speakers and loves to see the children’s faith grow as they pray for their families and friends and develop a stronger belief in God. “Camp Springville was the camp I came to growing up. It’s amazing to see how I began to learn about God here and see where my relationship with Him has developed. I just imagine what these kids will continue to do with their lives”, said McDaniel.

“This years theme was Make Your Mark, we taught the kids to make their mark on this world and show their family and friends who God is. This camp will continue on for years to come so kids will have somewhere to escape the world, focus on God, enjoy life and equip them to share the Gospel. I will do all I can to unsure kids enjoy their time here at Camp Springville”, said Sharp.


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