Lakeland Local

For all of the Lakeland, Flordia natives. Did you know that Arts in the Park is a non-profit? Here is a run down of what they have as income and assets.
It’s crazy how much information the internet can give out about these companies.



NPO’s in the News

California is beginning to scrutinize how helpful NPO’s really are, Check out the full article here.

Found this website while researching NPO’s. They help you with almost everything and it’s a very simple layout to find everything.
From writing grants to deciding what to what your NPO needs to consist of, check it out.

Click here to check out the website.

Kinda Creepy NPO Commercial

While looking at different Non-Profit commercials I stumbled across this one. While you get the general idea the end is in a different language.
While it is creepy is gets the point across in a very strong way.

Whole Child

This NPO is based out of LA and helps children in need.

Hunger Story

Watch this video and see how the NPO Feeding America helped this family.


Check out this video from Tim Robertson on how to better brand your NPO.