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6 Day Skyscraper

PR Connection #15


Recently in Shanghai China they decided to see how fast they could build a fifteen story hotel. It took them six days to build the outside of the hotel. Something also crazy about the build is that its able to with stand a level 9 earthquake. How would you feel about staying in a 15-story-hotel knowing it was built in 6 days? I don’t think I could do it.


The Man Who Came to Dinner

PR Connection #14

This weekend Southeastern Universities Theater Department will be performing The Man Who Came to Dinner at the Polk Theater. I am personally very excited about this show mostly because my great friend Lizzie Charlton is in it. Tickets are on sale either on the Southeastern website or at the Polk the day of. The performances are as follows:

November 12 — 7:30 p.m.
November 13 — 2:30 & 7:30 p.m.
November 14 — 2:3o p.m.

Come out and support Southeastern!!

Incorporate Media in your Propsal!

PR Connection #13

I found this video while surfing the videos of YouTube. I thought it was a very cool idea how he incorporated media into his proposal. Do you like this idea? What stood out the most to you? Do you think he could have incorporated any other forms of media?

Gay Marriage on Glee?

PR Connection #12

This season of Glee has been pushing a lot of limits. This past week they had the first gay kiss and it’s looking like in a few weeks they may be having a gay wedding ceremony. Sue is known as the “bad guy” on the show and currently has no love interest. It has leaked that the show has filmed a wedding and that Sue is the bride. Some of the younger actors have let it slip that it is possibly a woman that Sue is getting hitched to. I personally love Glee but lately it is getting to risky for me. What do you think? Is the show pushing to many limits?

Demi Lovato doing Drugs?

PR Connection #11

Recent reports are stating that the young Disney star could possibly have some drug issues. A Texas teen is saying that he has video of Lovato at a party doing cocaine and drinking very heavily. The teen said at the time Lovato was only 17-years-old. While the Lovato camp is saying that she entered a rehabilitation center for emotional and physical problems they say drugs and alcohol have nothing to do with it. If videos do get released of the Disney start doing drugs what does it mean for her career?

West vs. Bush

In a recent interview with former President George W. Bush, Matt Lauer began to talk about an issue he faced during his presidency. Right after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans their was a telethon to raise money and support. Many celebrities came on talking about what we could do to help. Kanye West took the stage with Mike Myers and out of no where said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. Shocked Lauer who was running the telethon at the time switches topics and sends the viewers to a commercial. Back to present times Bush say’s this was one of the hardest things he faced in his presidency. Bush wanted to get across that he was and is not a racist. I’m interested to read the former presidents new book Decision Points and see what all he talks about. What do you think? Should they just drop the Kanye thing or do people need to know the truth?

Disney Star in Rehab

Earlier today Disney star Demi Lovato was said to be on her way to a rehabilitation center. The 18-year old girl has had past problems with bullies in high school causing her to home school. Also a few years back the photo above was released saying that Lovato had a problem with cutting. While no one can be sure that the photo is real or photo-shopped many of her young fans are worried for her life. Lovato was on tour with the Jonas Brothers and had only six shows left on their tour. It is also said that she is facing an eating disorder. Whatever it may be I’m glad the young star knows getting help is okay and she is doing something about it to fix her life. Lovato also recently shut down her twitter on October 30, 2010 sending out, “I love my fans so much but the access that the other people have is uncomfortable to me. Twitterbreak”. I hope she gets the help she needs and can have a positive story to help others facing these problems.